1 For The Works fares to Honolulu, the baggage allowance is two checked bags. Malaysia imposes a strict maximum weight limit of 32kg (70lbs) for … Fees apply to each 11 lb/5 kg of extra baggage. Effective from 19 September 2018, for Economy fares departing Australia to the USA (excluding Honolulu), South America, and Canada, the baggage allowance is two checked bags. North Asia/ Australia & New Zealand/ UK / Greater China: North Asia/ ANZ / UK / Greater China: Both sectors on the same or separate Malaysia Airlines tickets: No changes on FBA for both sectors: North Asia/ Australia & New Zealand / UK / Greater China: South Asia/ ASEAN / Domestic: Both sectors on the same Malaysia Airlines tickets How much is my free baggage allowance? Effective 08 April 2019, Malaysia Airlines new free baggage allowance applies for Economy class travel to international destinations (except Jeddah and Madinah). Malaysia Airlines has revealed that the lowest “Economy Lite” fare will not come with check-in baggage for domestic flights. 2 For Economy fares to Shanghai, Singapore and Taipei, the baggage allowance is two checked bags. Malaysia to Japan and Japan to Malaysia; Malaysia to Jeddah and Jeddah to Malaysia . Enrich Gold members are entitled to an extra 50% baggage allowance over and above their regular baggage allowance. Excess Baggage Fees. What is the type of baggage allowed for check-in? What are additional items allowed onboard? The fees for checking overweight baggage on Malaysia Airlines are charged in addition to any standard, excess or oversized baggage fees. Passengers who would love to travel in the First Class are permitted to carry two baggage pieces of 50 kg or 110 lbs with a maximum dimension of 158cm or 62 inches. In a Business Class cabin, 40 kg of checked baggage is allowed and in an Economy Class cabin, you can carry 30 kg of checked baggage. ; Tickets issued by Travel Agents can purchase ancillary via Manage My Booking only. If you’re thinking of bringing a check-in luggage, you’ll need to select “Economy Basic” which comes with 20kg or “Economy Flexi” with 25kg of allowance. If you are travelling in a Business Suite, you can carry 50 kg of free checked baggage. Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has changed its Economy class baggage allowance policy. Instead of the standard 30kg for international flights and 20kg for domestic flights, the national carrier has devised varying baggage allowances depending on the respective flight fare. Malaysia Airlines will be moving from “one size fits all” approach and will offer a more personalised choice to travellers based on their travel needs. Baggage allowance on all Malaysia Airlines flights depend on the class of cabins you choose. Bags weighing more than 99lbs are not accepted as checked luggage on Malaysia Airlines. Does the cabin baggage weight remain the same? Pregnant Women If you are pregnant and want to fly Malaysia airlines, then you have to carry the Fit to Fly certificate from your treating doctor on the letterhead, stating the duration of pregnancy. The following flights on Malaysia Airlines are excluded and will follow the current FBA . Find out more here. North and South American destinations use the piece system allowance while all other destinations go by weight. Malaysia Airlines contact number is 1300 88 3000 (within Malaysia) or (+603 7843 3000) if you are overseas. Terms & Conditions: Purchase of extra baggage allowance is available on all Malaysia Airlines direct channel (website, mobile web, mobile app, call centre and ticket office). Note: This table displays basic baggage allowance plus Elite Members’ extra baggage allowance entitlement. The checked baggage allowance depends on the routing, ticket class and destination. Valid for Malaysia Airlines operated flights booked from now until 28 June 2019 and travel from 23 June 2019 until 31 March 2020. Enrich Silver members are allowed an additional 11 lb/5 kg extra checked baggage allowance for the respective class of travel. Malaysia Airlines has four classifications for its checked baggage allowance to give its customers a variety of options to choose from when it comes to checked baggage. What is the excess baggage fee structure?