This post was originally published on as Chihuahua Examiner. Legal Totally. No, can't say as I hate any dog breed. Dog Training Before you roll your eyes and think, “I hate Chihuahuas,” let me tell you the story of how I ended up with this little thing, and how she’s changed my perspective forever. Others think that Chihuahua owners have a psychological illness-- a need to be depended upon by a helpless being (if that's the case, who knows what they think about parenting human children). My cat beats up our chihuahua. Keep Pets Safe The annoying you laugh at and love. Archived. I never hear a peep out of you! Republished with permission of the author. Petiquette True. 3 4 2 243. And I hate Chihuahuas memes. 191 likes. She replied, "I hate chihuahuas. But I think another part of the discrepancy between your mom's dogs and other Chihuahuas is the type. Really, they are borderline dog. I don't hate them or like them. You’d be smart not to let yours get all up in my face. Updated on May 18, 2013 N.G. How To Bathe A Cockapoo Laws Its truly pathetic. I hate Chihuahuas. If your chihuahua has a lot of toys, chances are they end up all over the house throughout the day. They need special food and special collars and special steps to get onto the couch and special this and that and this and ughhhhhhh! Why buy a Chihuahua puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Oh, I don't hate Chihuahuas specifically. Many people who "hate" Chihuahuas state a preference for larger dogs. Chihuahuas are rumored to be descended from the Aztecs and the Toltecs. Etiquette Out of hundreds. How Not To Abandon A Pet Pet Parenting There’s no way anyone would be able to love these animals. Purr Feral Dogs BUT sadly many people think because it is a small dog they don't need to train it or work with it as much. Chihuahuas are one of the smallest and most popular dog breeds. The dog runs off with his little tail between his legs and I swear the cat smirks at me like, “lol did you see that shit? Poop What the shit is chihuahua? It cries like crazy the moment you are out of sight or do not allow it on your lap. I HATE dog owners who tie their dogs up!! "Small dog syndrome" is a term that describes a variety of behaviors that many, but not all, small dogs exhibit, says Purina. If your kids enjoy a nice day lounging with a dog by their side, then the Chihuahua is the perfect fit. Organic Fuck Chihuahuas..they are devious mole rat looking motherfuckers. This made me realize that people are going to believe whatever they want to. Hamster Hissing Here's why: Let's face it--Chihuahuas have loud, piercing barks due to their size. Chihuahua aggression is the number one behavior issue reported by Chihuahua owners, so you are not alone. However, few people can resist their charms and keep from smiling at them when seeing one on the street. Cause their little demon rats that yap at everything! July 2014 At the end of the night we were chatting and I mentioned that I have a chi. October 2014 Peiner09. Reply With Quote. Put aside their size and their wuss-like behavior; but their entire life revolves around their owner doing everything for them and they know it! asks from Arlington, TX on January 04, 2011 31 answers. April 2012 There is no such thing as a “bad breed“, only owners that don’t understand that particular breed. One tried to bite Aubrey in our front yard once. Its a small dog at about 6 to 10 inches tall, weighing between 5 to 12 pounds. Jacksonville Source(s): Dogs. I’m an animal lover and I really like dogs. If you live in a cold or rainy climate, housebreaking will be especially difficult, because Chihuahuas hate both the cold and the rain. Many are too deformed to give live birth without a c-section. Treats Chihuahuas are snippy, arrogant, loud, spastic, mean dogs. According to the FCI standard [5], the chihuahua was a wild dog that was captured and domesticated during the time of the Toltec civilization.They are one of the pre-Columbian cultures present living during the Xth and XIIth centuries in North America.. Abandoned Pets They’re small, adorable, and, most importantly, they love to play. Shih Tzu Grooming Anything I do, he pisses. They just look like god was loaded off his ass when he made them. Suikoden. Addie seemed to notice. Chihuahuas make good watch dogs. Chihuahuas are very small, toy sized dogs. Get the App! — View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Started Threads Herald of … Little monsters! April 2015 Furthermore, the loud, weird attitudes towards other people, attachment to one person, and hyperactivity put them off. I hate confined spaces, they make me nuts. I have pithecophobia (fear of monkeys). I hate Chihuahuas. chihuahuas are especially noisy Reply With Quote 2012-05-24, 06:08 AM #31 Note from the author: Because this article mentions that Chihuahuas are the second most often euthanized dog breed — second to pit bulls, some who read this have mistakenly thought I was disparaging the Pit Bull breed.That’s simply not true. They’re so tiny that you accidentally trip over them, or they get lost in that pile of laundry you’re trying to sort. Small Animals Animal Awareness Seriously. Get the App! Little monsters! You guys are THE BEST! Seriously. You also need to be calm, positive and behave like a guardian. They have no control these little monsters. If you need hands-on help, please, please contact a trainer or animal behaviorist in your area for help. The way they look, their barks. Seriously its non stop like someone who has Parkinson’s. November 2011 This can be embarrassing for the average Doberman or American Staffordshire Terrier owner, so they hate on the small dog. Chihuahuas are one-person dogs. So much in fact that inexperienced owners oftentimes believe a more serious health issue is causing this behavior. Chihuahua Dachshund Mix is a cross of a purebred Chihuahua and a purebred Dachshund, also known as Chiweenie or Dachshund Chihuahua Mix. Posted by 2 years ago. Poodle Bath Tips Hiking They are way too fragile. Pets They're also sometimes jealous and protective when it comes to their owners. Homeless Dogs Folks like Paris Hilton have created stereotypes about Chihuahua owners. They absolutely HATE going on car rides. Cocker Spaniel Bath I fucking hate them. April 2016 Independence Day Buddy Horses Animals It sounds like a made up word a 2yr old with a speech impediment would say. Please feel free to add comments or additional stereotypes here. You know, I know, and God knows that a dog should weigh at least forty pounds. Homeless Pets My landlady (roommate) got a rescue Chi after I moved in. Rodent Care Animal Laws Kids And Pets I like chi's but due to the owners spoiling they can become, snappy and suspicious of strangers. IS. So there's a lot of how the owner rears the dog that goes into the aggression. Some people think that Chihuahua moms and dads, like their dogs, are only concerned about image and ego. Before I left for the Anderson Center, a client of mine, Jean, stopped into work to wish me well. They have separation anxiety. share. Feces 17 Reasons Chihuahuas Are The Worst Dog Breed Ever. Some forums can only be seen by registered members. I've met two that I like. QR Code Link to This Post. Shedding The owner does not walk the dog, does not go to the dog park, does not take her for a ride in the car. Quick bite of dinner and she is off to bed and that mutt is left alone in the dark again. Chihuahuas can live a long time.