Navy divers don’t go in to the office every day. Navy Masters-at-arms’ training directly qualifies them for positions in the Secret Service. Joining the US Navy can be a fun, fulfilling, and rewarding career choice. I just recently signed my papers to go to MEPS to join the navy, and I plan on … Credit: Seamen may attend Navy schools to learn about general damage control, firefighting on ships, preventative maintenance of equipment and the use of tools used in their prospective rating. The Navy offers over 200 different jobs, known as ratings, for enlisted sailors. Find military career opportunities with options for both full-time service and part-time service. With so many options, it’s hard to narrow them down to the top 10 Navy ratings. Enlistees agreeing to serve in the nuclear field receive $11,000. Those wanting to enlist as Navy aircrew rescue swimmers receive $8,000 bonuses. All Rights Reserved. Enlisted Jobs in the Navy. The Navy also pays college students entering its Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate program up to $5,610 monthly for as many as 30 months prior to their graduation. Some of the Navy's most difficult jobs to obtain also pay the highest enlistment bonuses. Most of the time men and women end up as undesignated is due to the overmanning of their sought-after rate. Like any organization, some of the jobs are much tougher to get than others. The Navy has more than 300,000 men and women on active duty as of February 2013. Pre-screening, selection and then training to become a Navy SEAL are among the most comprehensive and difficult in the military. Your email address will not be published. Navy sailors desiring nuclear power training must score very high on the Navy's special nuclear field aptitude test to be considered for selection. Navy family hardest job in the Navy. Cryptologic linguist is another highly selective enlisted Navy career field. This fast-paced career is for those who aren’t afraid of heights and love seeing the world from the sky. Best Cities for Jobs 2020 One place you can look for an indicator of what might be considered hard or difficult jobs in the Air Force's is the quarterly list of stressed career fields.The terms difficult and hard are relative terms, meaning that the meaning of the word will change by the person experiencing it. After 3 months, I decided being stuck in a sub working 14 hours a day was not worth it so I “left” the program and thanked my decision every day for the next 7 years of my active time in the Navy. Welcome to this outward expression of my inner feelings. See our advertising policy here. It can also prove to be very difficult to have a family and home life, so if you’e a single guy or gal this might be the job for you. In any event, once you’ve spent enough time in the Navy, you’ll almost certainly be able to change jobs at some point. In addition to maintenance of shipboard structures, HTs are responsible for the plumbing onboard. Hull Technician’s keep the Navy’s ships in top condition and the metal worker duties pertain to all shipboard structures. Those who want a career as a Navy nuclear power officer must demonstrate outstanding academic performance as well as top-notch potential to be selected for training. For example, the selection and then training process for a Navy pilot, especially a fighter pilot, is both competitive and very difficult. If you enlist to become a SEAL, for example, the Navy will pay you $12,000. Boatswain’s Mates stand watch constantly at sea and in port as Boatswain’s Mate of the Watch (BMOW). To be a navy seal means to have the hardest job in the military. Navy Nuclear Field (NF) Program. After recruit training, enlistees take a three-week course on the basic theories of shipboard operations and evolutions. Born in San Francisco, CA and raised in Las Vegas, NV, she graduated from the University of South Florida with a Major in biological health sciences. Welcome to this outward expression of my inner feelings. Which Branch Of The Military Should I Join? Copyright © 2021 Navy officers and enlisted men and women operating and maintaining its nuclear power plants undergo competitive selection and then rigorous training. Related Article: A List of ALL 512 Military Jobs in the US Military. Top side in the ocean air 24/7. Let’s take a look at the top 30 hardest jobs in the world. Among white-collar jobs, the following positions make Manpower's 10 Hardest Jobs to Fill list: engineers, nurses, teachers, sales reps, technicians and IT staff. Some people go in the Navy, or any branch really, purely wanting to pick up a skill that's marketable in the civilian world. They participate in Navy ceremonies and take part in replenishment of supplies from ship to ship while at sea. The best job in the Navy is a job that interests you. Best Officer Jobs in the Navy. Tony Guerra served more than 20 years in the U.S. Navy. Outside a very few industries, it doesn’t mean much. Duties of an Undesignated Seaman include standing watches while in port or at sea, repairing, maintaining and stowing equipment when preparing to go underway and working in non-engineering positions aboard ships. Ended up on PBR (Patrol Boat River). Related Article: Which Branch Of The Military Should I Join? EMN MMN are both pretty intense intellectually, not … Find out what the worst jobs you can have in the US Navy, including Hull Tech, Boatswains Mate, Damage Controlman, and more. Don’t let this list scare you off from joining the Navy. Why the job is hard to come by: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are only 1,100 mathematical technicians in America, and only 40 openings for this position in the next few years. However, only about 2,400 men within Navy special warfare are designated as Special Warfare Operators, or SEALs. They don’t even breathe the same air as us. For every SEAL or Pilot wannabe, there are about 70 other jobs that are required to keep everything running smoothly. I have been married to my husband for 15 years, He is a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy. 13 Navy Jobs You Had No Idea Existed. ! Welcome Aboard! The Hardest Job in the Navy! He holds a master's degree in management and a bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary studies. We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. One of the most dangerous and life threatening jobs is the work of an electrician. His uncle Ben also served in the Navy Seabees in the Pacific. Guerra is a former realtor, real-estate salesperson, associate broker and real-estate education instructor. Related Article – Navy Engineman (EN): Career Details. There’s no specific rating for ‘Nuke’, but the following ratings are considered ‘Nuke’: It’s not uncommon to work 14 hour days, and you likely won’t get a shore duty assignment for several years. 412 likes. They He is currently deployed and seems to have been gone for most of the past 10 years. Apply your skills and interests in the U.S. Navy. While it may be considered one of the worst jobs in the Navy by many, there’s one thing that may make it all worth it: the pay. Not to bad a job, but no salt air in that brown river water. All the cruises were great. Navy family hardest job in the Navy. There are plenty of jobs that need to be filled, many of which can be both fun and financially rewarding after your service is up. They operate and maintain equipment that are used in the loading and unloading of cargo, ammunition, fuel and general stores. Required fields are marked *. Most employers look at you as simply ex-military and not anything special. I have been married to my husband for 15 years, He is a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy. Applicants must score high on a foreign language aptitude test to even be considered for training. 10 votes, 57 comments. Of its total active force, the Navy's special warfare community is comprised of about 7,800 sailors and officers. There’s also a good chance you won’t see the sun for a good 3 months at a clip. Military personlized clothing! Is Becoming a Navy Seal a Realistic Goal? Particular emphasis is placed on preparing and equipping detachment for operations in coastal and marine environments. A List of ALL 512 Military Jobs in the US Military, 10 Best Jobs In The Navy For Civilian Life, Navy Signing, Enlistment, and Reenlistment Bonuses, Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) Guide, 6 Best Navy SEALs Documentaries Of All Time. Here are 12 of the highest rated careers in uniform: