By the ninth century, however, the Benedictine had become the standard form of monastic life throughout the whole of Western Europe, excepting Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, where the Celtic observance still prevailed for another century or two. Although written for monastics, many of the issues addressed in the Rule can be applied to life in the world outside the monastic community. monks and nuns. Poland. A missionary named Patrick played a major role in spreading Christianity to. Ireland. The word rule, in this case, comes the Latin word regula , which is also the root for words such as ruler, or regular—in other words, those things that … My very simplistic, grass roots feedback on Stoicism and Christianity is a comparison of my experiences in following the Rule of St Benedict as a member of the Lay Community and my participation in the 2013 Stoic week as part of my personal development. It also incorporated a degree of democracy in a non-democratic society, and dignified manual labor. The Benedictine Rule is often summarized by the Latin motto “Ora et labora” (Pray and work), for it enumerates the essential obligations of monastic life, emphasizing manual labor, daily reading, and, above all, communal prayer, called the “opus Dei,” the work of God. A personal Rule of Life is an intentional path of real, concrete steps, taken for the purpose of forming one’s life around an ideal. The Benedictine Rule mainly affected the lives of. the Rule of St Benedict was one of the most important written works to shape medieval Europe, embodying the ideas of a written constitution and the rule of law. The Rule of St. Benedict is a timeless document - in so many ways as fresh and relevant as it was when it was written almost fifteen hundred years ago. Tags: Question 11 . the poor and sick. 1. Lay brothers, Oblates, Confraters, and … Even though it makes up only about 5% of the world population the US is still the third largest country in the world in terms of population. True or False: The Reconquista affected Spain's economic and cultural life because expelling the Jews and Muslims weakened the economy and made the culture less diverse. It changed the lives of monks back in his time and continues being a text people look at for advice and guidance on how they should live a life that is glorifying to the God we follow. History of the Order; II. During this deeper study of Benedictine Monasticism, I too learned things that I want to apply to my Christian walk. bishops. 1 The Rule of St. Benedict is a text that will be significant and applicable for all of time. Tags: Stoicism & The Rule of St. Benedict Angela Gilmour. SURVEY . The Rule of St. Benedict (regula Benedicti) was written by Benedict (c. AD 480-547) as a rule for communal life under the order of an abbot (the head of the abbey).For fifteen centuries, it has served as a leading guide for balanced monastic living. answer choices . answer choices . The Americans with their population of 308,745,538 according to the census from 2010 make up only 5% percent of the the total worlds population. The Benedictine Order comprises monks living under the Rule of St. Benedict, and commonly known as "black monks". missionaries. Russia. The order will be considered in this article under the following sections: I. Largely through the work of Benedict of Aniane, it became the rule of choice for monasteries throughout the Carolingian empire. Q. True. Britain. This was a bit hard to understand but here we go. 30 seconds .