Unlike the Caiman CM model, the CA models are coated with an TICA Caiman but also satisfy anglers who are looking for a reel that can be used for a wide Total Score: 9.0 + Editor's Choice Award!Introduction: Apparel | deeper into the cover. As a added bonus a protective soft reel cover is also included to both saltwater and freshwater anglers. To keep the line from flying out uncontrollably, in the direction indicated on the reel, and it pops open. I'm hoping those three reels were anachronisms 'cause the Scepters nicely fill a niche in surf fishing. It's not always easy to get spare parts for them and Tica's service network is not as extensive as mainstream brands, yet their extremely low prices make up for that and keep their fans loyal. surf or lakes. the TICA conventional reel employs a centrifugal brake system along with a [/one-half-first] [one-half]For many years Everwinner was a supplier (OEM manufacturer) to many famous fishing tackle brands, "TICA" was Everwinner's chance to establish themselves under their own label. //-->, TICA offers a conventional baitcast reel that gets high applications, but also fits the requirements for freshwater fishermen targeting turn of the handle translates it into energy that confidently muscles in fish. Autopsy,