Bassoon Reeds & Cane. $30.00 per bundle of 5 pieces. We have a bassoon reed for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an advanced bassoonist. Bassoon Reeds. Bassoon Reeds and Cane Andrew 2020-12-27T00:23:59+01:00. Close By using this website you agree to our use of cookies. Three Centuries. We also stock many of the top clarinet and saxophone reed brands, including Vandoren, D’Addario, and Rigotti, as well as G/S/P and tube cane. Please note that due to the crisis Covid19 and reduced flights, Post Offices still DO NOT accept shipments to Australia, New Zealand, Peru,Costa Rica and others.Delivery time changes to 15-35 days. RiegerClean removes almost all known bacteria, viruses, fungi and germs within 30 seconds! In 2012 she developed her own reed making company, RAFFE REEDS. Contra Reeds. For your Hand Finished Bassoon Reeds and Commercial Bassoon Reeds shop at Reed Expertise. King Bassoon Reeds. Bassoon Gouging Machine (Reeds 'N Stuff) $1,595.00 For your comfort the gouger comes with a separate guillotine mounted on a wooden base. Bassoon cane, gouged and shaped, per 100: ba107 : Shape Medir : Price: €147.00 Quantity: Add to Cart. Handmade bassoon reeds and cane. Behind this, are 60 years of experience in development and production. Start Shopping. Read our cookie policy. It is ph-neutral and non-irritating. They’re paid a full-time, monthly salary, not hourly wages or piecework, so their first priority is careful work and the highest standard of quality. All Bassoon Cane - Professionally processed reed cane for Bassoon players at all levels of performance. DUKOV REEDS. Each piece of cane is selected for exact diameter and wall thickness . limited stock. A high percentage of thin fibers allows the right density for longer lasting reeds. DUKOV REEDS. Quick View. The company is named for the stuffed giraffe Spottacus, a… All our bassoon reeds are sealed with beeswax. The cane has gone through a lot of changes over the past few days, or weeks, or even months! Reeds & Cane Bocal Majority takes pride in supplying high quality handmade oboe and bassoon reeds to the double reed community. This is when getting into a schedule of reed making begins to make more sense (i.e. Reed Expertise offers Hand Made Bassoon Reeds for students and professional musicians. Bassoon cane, gouged and profiled, per 10 ... Bassoon reed 1A without thread. The Jones Bassoon reed is one of the finest commercial bassoon reeds available. Mistral Oboe Tube Cane . Student Bassoon Reed $ 16.00 Select options; Golden Bamboo Gouged Cane $ 1.90 Add to cart; Golden Bamboo Gouged, Profiled, Shaped Cane $ 2.95 Add to cart; Andante e Rondò Gouged Bassoon Cane … Advantage Bassoon Cane, Gouged, Shaped and Profiled. Danzi Reeds is an artisanal italian laboratory specialized in the working and building reeds, canes, woods for bassoons, oboes and clarinets. Regular price $2.75 View. Reiger K1 Shape. 10 high quality bassoon reed blanks from Rieger cane /dukov_reeds Rr/ Price €54.90. Bassoon Reeds. CUSTOM REED BLANKS. Information about our clarinet reeds and saxophone reeds, oboe reeds, bassoon reeds, countrabassoon reeds and accesories This cane is made using traditional Herzberg measurements and the Herzberg shape. Reeds 'n Stuff. Add to Cart. Out of stock. Bassoon cane available as tubes, pre-gouged, gouged, shaped, shaped/profiled, and gouged/profiled. ... Bassoon Gouged Cane In bundles of 10 pcs. Rigotti Wood Bassoon Reed Case 10 or 20 Reeds. Modern bassoon reeds, made of Arundo donax cane, are often made by the players themselves, although beginner bassoonists tend to buy their reeds from professional reed makers or use reeds made by their teachers. Beeswax colours available: red, green, yellow, blue, light purple Reed strength: Hard – Gonzales cane, Pisoni cane San Francisco, CA. unique batch of high quality vintage bassoon cane (gouged) aged for 30 years, from the famous Mme Ghys plantations. King Bassoon Reeds is now offering GSP for bassoon. Current Top Sellers. Baroque. More. Contact. BTW/VAT) starting from €2.89 We carry a selection of professional, handmade bassoon reeds for sale for the most discerning of players. The bassoon profiler removes the bark from the piece of cane over the area that becomes the blades of the reed. by DUKOVREEDS. Rigotti Oboe Tube Cane. French Cane from VAR Region (South France) product information . The earliest types of single-reed instruments … Choose Options. Click for more information. THE QUALITY FOUNDATION TO YOUR INDIVIDUAL STYLE. Reed Store All Products all bassoon contrabassoon gouged cane hardness-tested cane nylon thread pre-gouged cane profiled cane reed blanks reeds segments tools baroque bassoon bassoon contra bassoon … Bassoon Reeds and Canes, Contrabassoon, Bassoon Baroque . The canes good hardness will fit your individual reed … Each reed is hand-made and tested to ensure that every reed we sell is of the highest quality. in Development. These quality reeds are also the best choice for students, as beginners will get much better results from handmade reeds than machine-made, mass-produced reeds. Blog. NEW. Price (excl. Jones Double Reed Products semi finished cane is produced from the finest cane harvested in the Mediterranean basin. BASSOON REEDS. Gonzalez Reeds hand selected clarinet reeds and saxophone reeds, oboe cane, bassoon cane, english horn cane, contrabassoon cane. Barton Cane only sells gouged, shaped and profiled cane, however, we highly recommend the following reed makers who use our cane: Amanda Turley: Angry Duck Reeds: 21st Century Precision. ©2020 by DADT Reeds The Meacham and Rodriguez reeds, as well as our selections of cane, are entirely processed and hand finished ourselves from tube cane using our own equipment and come in various shapes depending on the maker. The manufacturer himself is an orchestra bassoonist. Category: Bassoon Canes and Reeds € 5, 00 VAT included. Price: €14.50 Quantity: Add to Cart. $30.00 per bundle of 10. Bassoon Cane Pregouger (Reeds 'N Stuff) $140.00 Shop. Contrabassoon GSP. Manufactured at the foot of the Black forest, our tools and machines for Bassoon and Oboe are delivered wordwide with the quality trade name MADE IN GERMANY. Rigotti Wood Oboe Reed Case 3, 10, or 20 Reeds . A reed is a thin strip of material that vibrates to produce a sound on a musical instrument.Most woodwind instrument reeds are made from Arundo donax ("Giant cane") or synthetic material. On sale from $50 Sale View. The barrel, which holds the cane during this process, is not round but a modified rectangle (barrels also shown below). Reeds begin with a length of tube cane that is split into three or four pieces using a tool called a cane … A special tip when using bocal reeds: after you finish playing each session, remove the cane part of the reed from the staple, which helps the cane to dry thoroughly and lengthens the life of the reed. Load More. $34.00. Contrabassoon Cane Pregouger (Reeds 'N Stuff) $150.00 Shop. Lenght cane 120 mm. Reeds by Kris King. VIEW GALLERY. Quote from this site: Our high quality cane is processed using state of the art machinery. The bassoon gouged, shaped, and profiled cane sells very fast and so is hard to keep supplying, but now with the school year out (less orders) we have more time to process cane. Cart (0)‏ Home. Available in several styles, playing levels, and cane sources: Rieger, Rigotti, Danzi, Donati, Gonzalez. His high-quality cane is perfect for a well-balanced playing and offers a warm, flexible and round tone. Classical. After years of trying to adjust bulk processed bassoon reeds students would bring to lessons, Eryn realized it would be much easier to make and sell her own reeds made from high quality cane. Our goal is to offer the largest selection of quality double reed cane from around the world. We are convinced that the Bocal reed is a new development that can benefit oboists of all different levels. 5-10 reeds a week, so you always have some on hand). The piece of cane is placed and held on to the barrel by metal bands with a tightening screw (shown below). Reeds 'n Stuff Bassoon Tip Profiler The Reeds 'n Stuff Bassoon Tip Profiler is designed to remove cane off the lay of the blades of a clipped reed or a blank. Modern. We’ve carefully trained craftspeople in Nairobi, Kenya, to select, split, gouge, shape, profile, and form tubes of cane into bassoon reed blanks. Musical instruments are classified according to the type and number of reeds. VIEW GALLERY. For Instruments Historical & Modern World-Class Machining. We will continue to add to our selections as we bring in cane from familiar, and not so familiar, growers. Bassoon - Cane & Processed Cane. Rigotti Bassoon Cane, Gouged Shaped & Profiled. Herzberg Shape. Holds any combination of 5 oboe, English Horn, oboe d'amour and bassoon reeds The product page for all reeds and cane made by bassoonists Jarrett Rodriguez and Dillon Meacham at unbeatable prices. What this means is we are able to process reed cane that is very consistent in dimension throughout the lay. This guillotine is already included in the price of the gouging machine. 845-418-0287 Contraforte Gouged and Profiled Cane - CF/90. HurryCane Reeds offers two options for bassoon reeds: Student and Soloist. The reeds need time to settle into themselves, have some zen time. High quality, hand made bassoon reeds and contrabassoon reeds are found on this bassoon reeds and cane page. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM. ... oboe d'Amore cane and bassoon cane. This plantation was founded by the Donati family, specialists in musical reed cane for over 80 years, for the production of reeds used in clarinets, saxophones, oboes and bassoons. Bassoon GSP. Tuned reeds (as in harmonicas and accordions) are made of metal or synthetics. Shopping Cart. 3 bassoon reeds.